Many families and individuals are struggling in our district. Rising costs, health and safety concerns, and elected officials who can seem indifferent to the pain so many of us are experiencing are continuing to push opportunities further and further out of reach. T’wina Nobles is running for State Senate because she believes in this community and wants every member of our district to reach their greatest potential.


Twina’s passion is education. She is currently serving as a University Place Board Director, and she’s served for many years on the Narrows View Intermediate PTSA, Evergreen Primary PTSA and the Curtis Senior High PTSA. She will invest in our kids and teachers by providing them the funding and resources needed to equip our kids for the future, paving the way for greater opportunities and pathways to college and career. She believes we should pay our educators more, reduce class size, and push for more equity and inclusion in our schools.

Safe, Healthy Communities

T’wina believes that our elected leaders in Olympia should do more to ensure safe and healthy communities for all the families and kids living in the 28th LD. There’s more to be done to keep weapons out of the hands of dangerous abusers, more to be done to provide mental and behavioral health care funding, more to be done to fight the opioid epidemic, and more action needed to provide affordable insurance and paid sick leave for our workers. Investments made here will pay big dividends in our communities by ensuring all of us are safer and healthier.


Our region needs more transportation solutions to deal with the congestion and traffic we experience every day. But with the passage of Initiative-976 and $30 car-tabs, our area is facing the loss of critical transportation funding. We must think creatively about how to both invest in the transportation solutions we need and respect the will of the voters.
As an active member of a link light-rail extension stakeholder group in Pierce County, T’wina has experience analyzing tradeoffs in building transportation infrastructure and overseeing budgets on big projects. She knows we can do better for our region and is committed to ensuring we’re finally free of gridlock.

Affordability & Housing

Throughout our district and state, exploding housing costs are crushing people who are low-income or on a fixed-income. Our current tax system isn’t fair – it’s upside down – and it hurts those with the least ability to deal with the rising costs our region is experiencing. Additionally, the entire state is facing a homelessness crisis. T’wina knows first-hand the struggles of folks experiencing homelessness or who are living in economic instability. She will fight to help those who are struggling to make ends meet and who need a lift up. She will push for fairer wages and living wage jobs, fight for renters and more opportunities for affordable housing, and ensure protections for workers who get sick or injured on the job.

Environmental Justice

The global pandemic has put in sharp perspective what happens when we ignore science and data and delay necessary action. Washington deserves bold leaders who confront our environmental challenges to build a brighter future for public health, the economy, and our quality of life.

Climate change, pollution, and environmental damage put our families’ health and safety at risk. We’ve seen increased wildfires, droughts, and our salmon and sound health all affected in recent years. We know that environmental threats hit underserved communities the hardest, and everyone deserves clean air and water and access to our vibrant outdoor recreation areas- regardless of race, where they live, or their income.

We have an unprecedented opportunity to rebuild after COVID-19 in a way that leads to a cleaner, healthier environment, a stronger greener economy, and greater equity and justice in all aspects of our lives.

As a State Senator, I will support policies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions by investing in low-carbon jobs in green energy, water, and transportation infrastructure. I will ensure these policies will not disproportionately affect communities that depend upon carbon-intensive industries by advocating for a just transition. This transition program would include investments in apprenticeships and tying state funding to businesses and organizations committed to living-wage jobs. Green jobs must be union jobs. I also support carbon-pricing and clean-fuel standards and will work to protect our local natural wonders.

Policing and Public Safety